Princeton Math Circle

About Us

Founder and President:

Princeton Math Circle is founded by Bianca Ray Avalani, a high school student and an avid math enthusiast.   


  • Elena Fuchs, Ph.D., Princeton University

    Recipient of Princeton University President’s Fellowship, 2005

    Alice T. Schafer Prize Runner up, 2005

    Winner, Dorothea Roberts Klumpke Prize in Mathematics, 2005 UC Berkeley

  • Adam Hesterberg,  Undergraduate student at Princeton University

        Winner, 16th International Math
          Competition (IMC), Budapest,
          Hungary, 2008 

          Winner, International Linguistics 
          Olympiad, St. Petersburg, Russia, 

          Scored top marks at USAMO, 2007 

          US National Champion,
          MATHCOUNTS, 2003

  • Alison Miller, Ph.D. student at Princeton University

        Gold Medalist, International Math 
          Olympiad, Athens, Greece, 2004

          Co-Winner, Alice T. Schafer Prize, 2008

          Winner of Elizabeth Lowell Putnam                 Prize in 2005, 2006 and 2007

             Coach, US Team at the China Girls Math              Olympiad, 2007

          3rd. Place Winner of Scripps Howard           National Spelling Bee, 2000


  • 2010 - 2011: 
Adam Hesterberg
Alison Miller
Ashwath Rabindranath
Sarah Trebat-Leder
Ila Varma

(Department of Mathematics, Princeton University)

  • 2009 - 2010: 
Elena Fuchs
Adam Hesterberg  Alison Miller

(Department of Mathematics, Princeton University)